The core of this project concludes from questions about relationship of forms, typologies, diversity and similarity. Where do these similarities arise and what importance is attributed to them? Similarities do not only bring forward the similar, they are also capable of enhancing differences. Looking at how products are designed and put into our world, duplicated, multiplied objects are widespread. But the pure and perfectly same does not exist - it is an illusion to technology we give in. This project is an attempt to a diversification of the design process and its resulting objects by means of experiment, study and series.
The first experiment surrounds the reference object of a cup, which is designed to translate certain opposing design principles.
The second experiment uses a fork as a reference object, and plays with different meanings of use and motion of the object.
The final conclusion of these studies is a chair, that is allowed change within its own process of production. The chairs seat and back rest are made from laminated birch wood. By cutting each of them by hand, only having the last one as a reference, the shape of the outline will slightly change over time.
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